Behind Closed Eyes

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Lara should have stopped him. He’d looked suspicious from the outset. When he pushed her out of the lift and headed up to her office to do who knows what, abandoning her downstairs, she should have resisted. Screamed. Hit him.

It had seemed clear cut at first. The stranger was a robber, clearly. Why else would he be heading to the eighteenth floor of The Memory & Sleep Lab on a grey Wednesday night? Yet when Lara is ambushed the next day, she’s told it’s her fault. That she has lost something of importance, something her new friend in the lift is desperate to get back.

It would make a lot more sense if they told her what it was. If they told her how they communicated, what their weird gesture meant, and whose phone calls they kept ignoring. Why Tess was flustered. Why they took her key card. What lift man had really meant when he said he would “teach you a new skill”. And why, above all else, Lara found herself irresistibly intrigued…