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Guidelines: Debut Release

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My debut novel traces the interconnected lives of four friends.

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Behind Closed Eyes

My second novel, here now!

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"I love Guidelines. It’s a wonderful representation of how friends’ lives intertwine in your early twenties and the sometimes amazing, sometimes difficult growth we go through at this stage. The storytelling is beautiful and having it set in Aotearoa makes it all the more relatable. I couldn’t recommend this book enough!"

Sinead C.

"Guidelines is a great, well written book, with each chapter ending in such a way that you want to continue reading. I particularly enjoyed the ending! The themes and storyline would appeal to young adults in their twenties and thirties. Support homegrown authors and give this book a read!
Looking forward to her next book."

Sally A.

"It’s always great to read books by young talented Kiwi authors like Beth Sketcher. Guidelines is a great representation of real people with real problems in this world, and Beth writes in a way that’s gripping and very real. Highly recommended."

Daniel A.

About the Author

I'm Beth, a self-published writer living in Auckland. My passion lies in creating and writing novels, though I dabble in other forms of writing too, from poetry to song writing, and (more recently) short stories.

My first book, Guidelines, was released back in 2018, and I've just published my second novel, Behind Closed Eyes.

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