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Alexandra Lorne always hated normality. In fact, she’d spent much of her young adult life actively rebelling against it. Desk jobs just weren’t for her, and her year of overseas adventures had all but solidified this stance.

She was nothing like Kirsty. Work was the only thing that gave her purpose, Kirsty had once said. If only Alex had taken notice of that.

Tristan was glad to have Alex back; yet he got the odd impression she was avoiding him. It didn’t help that his girlfriend was the antithesis of everything Alex stood for. But still – he needed to talk about it.

And then there was Brie. An empathetic writer who devoted her time to understanding other’s intentions, not sharing her own. Was it Alex’s fault for assuming she’d follow convention?

As Alex darts about her hometown like a minefield, her friends’ façades slowly wear away. And as each new revelation comes to light, Alex wonders how long it will be before her own mask cracks...